by Brian " Brain Killer" Keller

CHICAGO, IL : Inaugural opening of Gala Gallery, a unique space to Chicago committed to seasoned and emerging artists for exhibitions, in an environment that welcomes all communities and walks of life. Inside Gala is also the working studio of Tyrue "Slang" Jones. In between exhibition receptions the gallery will also host workshops for the West Town community and beyond. 

Chicagoan born and raised, Slang’s influence spans from studying the styles of the classic masters of the past 2 centuries to the urban avaunt-garde art form of Graffiti where he rose to become one of the leading figures in the the city's early 80’s movement. 

Slang’s drive can best be described as the commitment to capture, as images, the thoughts that reverberate inside his mind. His work has adorned the corporate walls of the MTV main offices in Time Square. Commercial clientele also includes Viacom’s VH1 and Nickelodeon, BBDO, Leo Burnett, Allstate and Universal Music Group, etc. His work has been collected by celebrity collectors as well as private collectors. 

TRUE LOVE concentrates on the power of confident line work and denotes a marriage of instinct and structure. Drawing on narrative and active imaging, Jones' new work is in consistent reference to and irreverence for the traditional Graffiti praxis. The work is broadly accessible, subtle and revelatory. It brings to attention the power of intuition in the hands of a master within a concentrated, contemporary aesthetic. The philosophy of the work is subsequently evident in the plan for Gala itself, which is committed to quarterly exhibitions.