"But the universe is an often less than accommodating compilation of insignificant matter... matter which has a chaotic agenda of its own, constantly threatening to tear asunder your carefully crafted constructions. You struggle to develop and forge meaning out of a universe which seems to favor nothingness". Somewhere between the dust of insignificance, and the ultra violet rays of meaning, the idea of who you are exists... Like Cain, who struggles with in-favorable matter, only to meet immaterial exile, and like Abel, who accomplishes favorable transcendence, only to meet material violence. As an artist, a gymnast, a deft manipulator of self, your life and your work is a wrestling match between a presence of self that you can not grasp, and an absence of self that you cannot escape."

photographs by Michael Sullivan. Last photograph by Scott Nadeau

The pleasure of having watched Scott, Scott's work, and this particular exhibition progress is so serious and true for me it will be difficult to articulate. THE STUDIO has been with Scott and Scott has been with us from the beginning of our gallery project, and this is of course an intimate, beautiful thing. It is something I cherish, and above all something I am greatly grateful for. I know it is safe to speak for Erin and Joseph too in saying we are all most happy and proud to be sharing some of that with you.

Scott's print work has focused on tensions between and within originality, reproduction, repetition, in representation and materiality, nothingness and execution. It has also referenced many French philosophers who wrote about this sort of thing, and makes some of the funniest and subtle jokes on the art world, and often times is way too smart for me to grasp in totality. Scott and I have often joked about this - he is always polite. Perhaps needless to say, I find it important that the work and the people I surround myself with continue to challenge me. Scott and Scott's Insignificant Matter have only broadened these desires, they have and continue to deeply and ecstatically enrich the aforementioned conversations, and I am thoroughly moved. Insignificant matter's play between presence and absence shines both bright and powerful through material, process and product - I am met again, and not surprisingly, with a mirror to explore with urgency and reverence.

My infinite thanks to Scott, Joseph, Erin, Nicky, Marvin, and Sully for making this show a reality.






APRIL 2012