Get Clear On What You Think


An exhibition in collaboration with Maxwell Colette, May 12 - June 29th with work by Alexis Nunnelly, Alyx Harch, Ariel Baldwin, Banrei, Julia Haw, Kenrick Mcfarlane, Kira Scerbin & Matthew Avignone.

Get Clear On What You Think takes an unclear look at trends and the absence of trends in the gross contemporary landscape. The show encourages us to contemplate the possibility of unobstructed, precise thinking, or the potential to reach an object of thought. Get Clear On What You Think invites you to explore the tyrannical malleability of the mind and its relation to an object within our ever-changing, inflated, deflated, personal and shared experiences.



I think sneakers have been in vogue for curators for probably a couple years now. All draped black and a couple of neon or flashy or bright kicks. Oliver and I joked about this a while back. A lot of my hesitance to embrace the trend even aesthetically and on other people comes from my desire to look put together and wanting everyone else that way, too. To appear clean cut and maintain an old school kind of class. 


Anyway it was really April who showed me how gym shoes could do that, I can't explain why. Even the heeled ones, which no one else on earth is pulling off except April. I kept thinking about how comfortable they probably were, then I found some corny running shoes I probably bought for ten dollars or something at somewhere ridiculous because they are ugly as fuck. I found them packed onto a shelf, wrapped in other things I don't remember stowing away. 


They really were comfortable but actually kind of ugly which maybe was the point when I bought them, it's been a couple years, as I said. Then I went brand basic like maybe that changes the shoe a bit, I really wanted the right shoes and these next ones came close, I spent more than ten dollars. There was the homogeneity of the brand that seemed to help the impact. But they are really still grossly colorful. It is just that when the Notes From The Universe* email encouraged me to buy the shoes as a signal of trusting the universe it took me a couple months to really do it, and when I did it I still felt like maybe there was something better out there. 


I have to admit I am now a lot cooler than I was before, though there is still the fine line between them signifying one thing or the other, a constant potential threat, it dances from one side to the other without notice, and then I am not so sure about my status.


Ok, I did buy two different pairs, I must say, I really hated the first pair, I needed a kind of back up, after twenty minutes, they are growing on me and now I see it is probably the way to go. The color is still a bit overwhelming. Most likely I will like them better later. Thought about coloring the colors with black sharpie, they're just so colorful, not sure how I could ever know if I can handle it. I thought Oliver might make fun of the purchase but he took it in stride.


Whatever it is, I like walking so much more now. It's all really fun this way. I was practically dancing during the install, there is so much bounce and agility. I feel like I can go farther for longer. I highly recommend them. 


-Claire Molek, 2016






MAY 2016