photos by claire molek


Claire Molek and Heaven Gallery invite galleries and curators to rummage through works they have on hand. The exhibition is a celebration of unique producers, and recalls the collective histories of artist neighborhoods and street art fairs. Intersecting the boundaries between a clearance sale and an art fair, the exhibition further explores the magic of unknowable context, and what it means to encourage practice over product, or product over practice. 


Galleries include Chicago Artists Coalition featuring work by Amina Ross, Sanaz Sohrabi, Jaclyn Jacunski and curated by Teresa Silva; ,The Franklin, featuring work by EC Brown, Jeremy Foy, Diana Gabriel, Jessica Harvey, Daniel Hojnacki, Kelly Reaves, James Jankowiak, Catie Olsen, Nicole Lane, Melissa Oresky, Victoria Martinez, Michael Rea, E. Aaron Ross, Luis Sahagun, Christopher Smith, Dan Sullivan and Edra Soto; Heaven Gallery, featuring work by Sarah and Joseph Belknap, Morgan Sims, Sarah Mosk, Annie Kielman, Soo Shin, Jessica Caponigro, Marissa Lee Benedict, Ilan Gutin, Lesley Jackson and Arianna Petrich; , LVL3 featuring work from Allison Wade, Frances Roberts, Josh Reames, Paul Kenneth, Guy Conners, Matt Nichols, Marianne Wehr, Kate Bonner, Michael Rocco and Ruglio-Misurell; ,Woman Made Gallery, featuring work by Maira Egan, Juliet Eldred, Olivia Rogers, Renee Robbins, Tiffany Funk ,Sarai Redmond, Yevette Mayorga, Alessandra Hickman, Tonia Hughes, Michael Zhang, Lisa Vinebaum, Martha Morimoto, Vivian Le, Michelle Miller, and Annie Grossinger; , Boyfriends Gallery featuring work by Kiam Marcelo Junio; , Fernwey Gallery editioned prints and multiples and Co-Prosperity Sphere prints & books. Curators include Claire Molek, featuring work by Ariel Baldwin, Banrei, Marcelo Eli, Julia Haw, Lindsey Liss, Stephanie Burke, Kira Scerbin, Lucy Ellerton, Steven Vainberg, and Xiao Tse. Janice Bond, featuring work by David Anthony Geary, Una Delic, Sonja Henderson, Zakkiyyah Najeebah, Martha Wade, and Reisha.