photos by claire molek 

for Vince

and if there be no mistake and only the opportunity for growth -is that not how the saying goes ? - then let me feel and bring me to my knees, arrested by a certain particularity of purpose, that longing for wholeness - but give me, too, your understanding, toward and of an incorporated and constant expedition of the reality it defines, and I want it defined to the best of your ability - and we are not simply speaking of ‘Process Art’ here - avoiding the categorical - when I think of such processed art I gladly pause in applause to the more liberating, improvisational, organic movement of the mid 60s, and certainly share an embrace of the monument that is surrealism, and surely we must all insist on a conjunctively and rational intentionality - but work that so moves me today is work which is equally concerned with the ends, rather, the product, the artifact, as it is with its means, and give to me their conversation - I request this kindly, having been afforded witness to its thorough practice - I reference the experience, too, beyond any Arte Povera, beyond so helpless a submission to nature - to submit but to take responsibility -to surrender but take notes - to articulate acceptance - avoid base or vulgar generalities - leave whole universes and the infinity of dimension open, but be concise with all intention and clear as to the substance of understanding - this the right of practice and in practice wholly - Vincent’s work with Discipline Bear forefronts this ecstasy of dimension of contemporary dialogue and beyond the dialogue it offers into the socio-political-personal and creative responsibility a certain honesty of being - it acknowledges and lauds the power of image by nature of the fullness, of its forethought, a complete and infinitely open design - it does not hide in its own shadows, it prohibits smoking and uses the mirror only to assess the quality of its workout - it asks, “Who Will Witness Me?” but performs regardless - a succinct and clear offering - a constant meditation