"It is a simple, if almost incomprehensible equation: the world is as terrible as it is beautiful, but when you look at it more closely, it is as beautiful as it is terrible. We must maintain constant vigilance, to protect the world from ourselves, and to embrace the world as it exists."

-Richard Misrach

hell, purgatory, and heaven. images courtesy of the artist


CANTO: An exhibition by Stephanie Burke, co-produced by Johalla Projects, Rational Park and Brave New Art World. Burke works within the American West, a landscape fraught with a complex history of human exploitation, alteration, and conservation. Pilfering the visuals of Dante Alighieri and adopted his mantle of personalizing the landscape and its inhabitants, Burke inscribes the history of her Western Inferno, her Western Purgatory, and her Western Paradise onto the ever-degrading skeleton of the Divina Commedia. Positioned as an allegory for an allegory, the work explores themes of poetic justice, power, loneliness, mortality, morality, and religion in relation to the individual with a sense of paradox, honest reflection, irony, and ultimate simplicity.