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This is my imaginary office with "Eden" by Dan Rizzo-Orr and a random Rodin sculpture and another painting I found somewhere on the internet, eucalyptus, handmade rugs, good light. 










Claire Molek (b. 1987, Chicago, IL.) is an independent cultural consultant who specializes in arts cultivation, facilitation, and distribution. She has worked with over 250 artists and has produced and collaborated on hundreds of projects, exhibitions, events, and salons. She co-opened and co-directed artist run gallery The Studio, also known as This Is Not The Studio or Studio 1020, ran pop-up Hauser Gallery and later founded and directed Brave New Art World. She has been referred to as a "local darling," a "ball-busting iconoclast," "guerrilla curator," and "art angel," and currently lives and works in San Francisco.