DISCIPLINE writes this letter to ETIQUETTE to explain:


The distance between us has grown into a thicket,
A chamber
Echoing your definition 
But without your words
Because attitude and motion were voice enough.

Left alone,
I see that the translations I scribbled during the commotion 
Blemish—in the way of generating affectations—
The untainted and ingrained points of order
Made in you 
For furthering Society in the WOOD’s vast in between-places,
Which from now on 
You have chosen to view from the outside. 

So I listen, for once:

First this thicket’s pulse confused me
In waves of starchy discords 
Amplified by my self-made tensions 
Between romance’s convenient projects 
And freedoms that I never desired
(And until now, unconsciously avoided).

Then this low cone
Where I folded into a sum of numb joints
Births esteem for the nauseating tone of your truths.

It calls me with its foreign tongue
To expand my role as an orderly Utilizer. 

And with actions for acknowledgment 
I started building with the stuff I thought I had found for us.
There I found the gate to my liberty’s use-value
It looks like a memorial to the family I almost began.

With full heart and rare solemnity,


photos by claire 


Vincent's work is intimate. It is playful and serious, and on all accounts articulates a passionate commitment to consciousness. Because the work is constantly developing, often at an incalculable rate, a total understanding of what's going on in the universe G. V. Gaulin has created for himself, and for us, is near impossible. Sometimes the revelations are so profound their location is indescribable, other times they all play together like an ultimate mythology or a burgeoning symphony of purpose, meanwhile we're all scrambling for a cheat sheet that doesn't exist. By refusing to present a cohesive, inevitably condensed version of his fiction's reality, the subject matter of the work becomes more and more the spirit and energy of life rather than its representations. He achieves this focus by distributing content in as many forms of media as are available. 

We feel unusually connected to Vincent's work and knew from the beginning of the end that there was no better way to bid this space goodbye. Vincent's work lives beyond the object and between the words; his visual culture exists beyond the visual, and there is no more fitting memorial for the STUDIO at 1020. This space has served us well, it is here we found our service to the culture to be nothing less than what Vince taught us in his practice. 

We want to thank specifically the artists and community builders in our family who have gone over and above all expectations in their tireless, wholehearted support of this space and our mission. THE STUDIO WOULD NOT HAVE EXISTED AND WOULD CERTAINLY NEVER HAVE BEEN AS AWESOME WITHOUT THE LOVE FROM Duncan Robert Anderson, Derek Baron, Biggs, Stephanie Burke, Danny, Tony Fitzpatrick, Doug Fogelson, Sibylle Frische, Jane Gaspar, Vincent Gaulin, Paul Germanos, Ashkon Haidari, Julia Haw, Jeriah Hildwine, Annie Jacobs, Sean Kaplan, Wolfgang von Kluge, Peter Ludlow, Katy Maguire, Nico Mazza, Grace Molek, Seth Molek, Rick Molek, Harvey Moon, James Murray, Scott Nadeau, Holly Portman, Debra Purden, Scott Priz, Dan Quiles, Elisa Schoenberger, Jon Sisti, Michael Sullivan, Matt Taber, Xiao Tse, Eric Valdivia and of course Mike Wiatrowski. 

Ultimately, know that it is not without each and every one of you who has shared in this space with us that we move forward in our practice and we offer our most sincere gratitude. Make sure to sign our guest list if you haven't or send us an email informing us of your interest in our work so we can keep you updated. The STUDIO as an entity will always be alive in some way, and somewhere, but you will know us from this day forward as THIS IS NOT THE STUDIO. In the next year, THIS IS NOT THE STUDIO presents a new project series entitled ON THE LAM, wherein we'll be working with businesses, artists and residents to create site-specific experiences, exhibits, dialogues, salon dinners and events. We'll keep you posted.